Pool League Information

3 leagues available: APA, NAPA & BCA
APA offers 8 Ball only, 9 Ball only or Double Jeopardy (8 & 9 Ball)
APA is available at our location each night of the week and offers players the choice of 8 Ball only, 9 Ball only or both. Monday-Friday start times are 7:30, Saturday at 7:00 and Sunday at 3:00.
NAPA offers Double Jeopardy (8 Ball and 9 Ball) on Monday nights. Top 3 teams receive cash at end of season. 1st place guaranteed $500 prior to playoff with chance to win more in playoffs
Start time is 7:15.

Please contact Sue at 561-632-7419 or Gene at 561-632-0990 for further information on team availability.